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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

April Showers

Rain can be such a gift, but needs to come in moderation - not too little and not too much. I know much of the country has had too many bad storms and there is the threat of flooding in some parts every Spring. We had no rain where I am in California during February and little in March; we welcomed the days of rain in early April. Again, I am thinking of how the different amounts of rain might be a metaphor for our souls being watered by grace. I think we feel times when we long for our souls to be watered; other times we feel a deluge of grace and are overflowing in gratitude.

I wonder if God is the gardener, how He wants to till my soul, plant new seeds, and water it this Spring? I cannot go out, but I am able to bloom where I am.  Just a few thoughts that came when I sat down to write today. I am glad the Lord tends my garden as He pulls up the weeds as soon as they appear.

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