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Monday, April 20, 2020

Spiritual Companionship

People need spiritual companionship but many ask me to try to explain it. I think there are so many ways that we relate to each other that it is hard to offer a model. Having said that, I love the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman. He begins the conversation by asking her for a drink. From that simple request, Jesus initiates a conversation that draws the woman into a deeper look at her own life. 
We all need, I think, the help of a spiritual companion. We learn a great deal about ourselves when we try to put into words what is going on inside of us. 
Now, in this time of sheltering in place, spiritual companions need to share online or by letter or phone. Talk about what is going on inside of you - what do you desire? Perhaps you need to talk about your fear, your anxiety with so many sick and dying around you. 
Just find someone and you will find that spiritual companionship is a real grace.
Now, perhaps that all came from the Holy Spirit as I did not intend to write about this today!

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