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Saturday, April 4, 2020

First Saturday

There is something delightful about the change of seasons, but when Spring comes, we seem to have new energy. Perhaps that is why we have "Spring housecleaning".  Today, my room is so clean and orderly that I am rejoicing in this exceptional neatness. I did get through the file drawer, but must confess that I left a pile of papers still to be gone through, but they are safely stowed away in a plastic box on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. 

If you are saying a "Hail Mary" each time you wash your hands, let us ask our Lady to take care of all the sick, the caregivers, doctors and nurses, those who are still keeping the stores open for us to have food and medicines, and those who have no shelter to shelter in - I also want to pray for all those who may be missing their last weeks of school. The list could go on forever at this time but Our Lady is one to bring peace, to console, to strengthen us in this time of anxiety. 
I did finish sorting through the last bunch of papers yesterday and now will concentrate on Holy Week and keep enjoying the silence.

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