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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hope is such a gift

Hope, a theological virtue, is a gift we have all received. No matter how terrible the news is these days, no matter the lose of friends, family, economic worries, anxieties from so many sides, we have hope. Hold fast. I read an encouraging blog that spoke of hope. The author watched a robin trying to build a nest on top of a little speaker attached to the house. The platform was small, the strands of grass the bird was leaving to prepare the nest would fall often, and it seemed a futile exercise of patience, but that bird did not give up. Day after day the little bird brought what was needed to make that nest and finally succeeded in a very tight space to have a nest to welcome the robin eggs.
Now, we must never lose hope. It was given to us as a gift from the moment of our baptism. Let us use these days to develop it.
What we can learn from the robin: everyday she showed up; every day she started over. Every day she takes the ordinary debris of grass, mud, sticks, and makes something that will hold new life.
So, and I quote from the blog of Healthy Spirituality: "I feel God gently whispering into my heart - you can do this too. So:
Everyday show up.
Everyday start over.
Everyday try once again.
Everyday take the ordinary stuff from the garden of my life, add the muck and mud of the world and build something to hold new life.!

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