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Friday, April 24, 2020

Reading the Bible

Now that we do not have the opportunity to go to Mass and hear the reading of the day, many are turning to their Bibles. Usually, we find the book heavy, the print small, the day's readings hard to find. However, there are Bible aps that make all that obsolete. I use my NAB app all the time. The New American Bible is the translation we use in the churched in the United States and the app is so easy to use. You can get the daily readings by clicking on the icon at the top right. You can find any book of the Old or New Testament by chapter and verse just with a click; you can enlarge the print, highlight in different colors, save favorite passages, etc. I just thought I should promote this today. You can use it on your phone or I-pad and it really is amazing how quickly you can find the reading you want. Do try it!

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