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Monday, April 27, 2020

The gift of time

Another week sheltering in place! It is amazing how much time is saved by not going out but how are we using that time? Time is such a gift and we all have twenty-four hours a day - no one has more or less. I hope this working at home has given the students more self-discipline so that they are getting their work done and not staying up at night to finish assignments. I used to find that the undergrads I taught were happy to sign up for an online course, but often did not finish it or just scraped through. I was not teaching undergrads online and the graduate students were serious about their work and disciplined.
I have just received on my I-pad, Pope Francis' book on Hope.  I will be sharing some of it with you this week. We are still praying with the different appearances of  the risen Jesus and I am sure He is going around and consoling us, too, in this time of stress and anxiety for so many.

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