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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Holy Saturday

When Jesus was taken down from the cross on Good Friday, Mary held her Son and her heart was pierced with sorrow. On Holy Saturday, I imagine Mary spending time reviewing the life of her Son: seeing Him as a baby, then as a delightful little boy to whom she was mother, teacher, friend; then seeing her son learn to be a carpenter with Joseph, and then seeing Him leave home. Then came the years where Jesus was going from village to village with His chosen friends. When the women joined them to see that they had some hot food and clean clothes, was Mary now with Him? She was there at the end, following her son until his death on the cross.
She prayed that Holy Saturday, but I am sure her prayer was still her fiat and full of faith.
Let us spend today with Mary and ask her to help us not only review the life of her Son, but to review our own lives with Jesus. 

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