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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tuesday of Holy Week

Today I want to share with you this prayer for World Health:

Christ the Healer, you modeled for us
compassion and care for the sick.
You did not turn away from their need,
You were present to their suffering, and 
You offered a healing touch that soothed their spirits
as well as healed their body's pain.

Move us to follow your example,
as individuals and also as a society.
May we not turn away from the suffering
of all those who are ill.
May we be present to their needs, and 
recognize their dignity through all stages of life.

May we affirm that every person in the global community
should have access to quality health care, and 
may we work to make this a reality.

Christ the Healer, call us to play our part
in the many dimensions of the healing ministry.
May we follow your lead, and be a part of the healing
of your human family. Amen
                                              Jane Deren, Education for Justice

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