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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Lighting the Advent Wreath

 Every night before our evening prayer in Westwood we light our Advent wreath. Their is such a spirit of expectation during Advent. Christ is coming. but Christ is here with us and we are able to receive Him into our hearts each morning. I give Holy Communion to some who are not able to walk up the aisle during the morning Mass. I love giving Christ to my sisters and hope I can do this in other ways for those I meet during the day.

Robert Morneau defines prayer as "an act of intentionality by which we attune ourselves to that Someone hidden within our souls and who transcends all time and space." He also describes Advent as a "season of serious conversation and tender intimacy."

How am I spending this wonderful season of Advent? How am I going to spend each week, each day, in preparation for the coming of Jesus into our world again in a special way at Christmas?

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