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Friday, June 13, 2008

How Forgetful Can I Be?

At the end of our Reflection Group last night we talked about a new book. One had suggested Richard Rohr's Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality and I could not remembering having it. As soon as all had left and I went to put away about a dozen of the new books I had passed around, I not only found Rohr's book but saw that I had marked the entire book with a highlighter; I had not only read the book but must have reread it to have it all marked up and yet I could not remember it! I guess I have been on overload and it is wonderful to have the summer before me. I will be back at the University on Monday, but only to give spiritual direction, check out what I can do to attract new students for the International Online Certificate Program in Spirituality Studies, and update my website. Then I promise myself some serious time for reading the good books piling up on my bookshelf.
Since I found Rohr's book, I will share a quote that I like (there are so many that it is hard to choose just one!). "You wouldn't even desire to pray except for God in you. It's God in you that loves God, that desires God, that seeks God (see Romans 8:14-27). Every time you choose God on some level, God has in the previous nanosecond just chosen you, and you have somehow allowed yourself to be chosen--and responded back!(John 15:16).
We don't know how to say yes by ourselves. We just 'second the motion'! There is a part of you that has always said yes to God, it is the Holy Spirit within you. God first says 'yes' inside of us and we say, 'Oh yeah,' thinking it comes from us! In other words, God rewards us for letting God reward us. Think about that, maybe even for the rest of your life."

I am wondering if the Holy Spirit hid this book on my shelf from me and allowed me to forget it and then remember it so it would have more of an impact on me. Now I feel that it was providential that we decided not to order a book before August. I have also decided that it is time to dust my bookcases and put some order in the shelf with the newer books waiting to be read.
We also talked about how God is present to us in the beauty of nature. For this reason, I like to add a picture that either fills me with a sense of peace or maybe overwhelms me with awe. Some pictures do both and all are a joy for me and I hope my readers enjoy the scenes chosen, too. Hopefully, it is God that nudges me so God chooses to help me choose! Now I sound like Richard Rohr!

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