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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Loss of a Friend

This is sad news for those left to grieve. I arrived in St. Louis only to hear that my friend since grade school who was like a sister to me had died in the emergency room that very morning. I am still in shock and grieve with her two brothers and four wonderful children and the grandchildren. Peggy was always with me and so her family was important to me. I had talked with her just a few days ago and we had made plans to be together in St. Louis. She told me how busy she had been and we talked about the need to slow down, but she was in good health.

We were going to celebrate our 60th anniversary from graduation from the Academy of the Sacred Heart this Saturday. We talked about what a wonderful education we had received and Peggy told me how grateful she was for our years at the Academy in St. Charles. We would go out on Mondays together and return on Fridays so we only boarded four nights and had three at home. We had the best of both worlds!

Peggy spent one summer with me and the next we went to Mexico together. Then we went to college together. She would come over and play cards with my Dad, have long talks my mother, play the piano a bit and just hang out at my house. I really thought of her as a sister; I never had to entertain her.
She gave a wonderful party for me before I left for the convent. It lasted all night! She asked for my big, blue sweatshirt to wear as she loved it. She continued to visit my parents after I left home and then became good friends with my sister. When I left Miami, I left on my desk a birthday card to write for Peggy when I returned; now I shall just keep her in my prayer and think of all the wonderful times we had together.

The wake is Friday night and the funeral Mass early Saturday morning, the day we are celebrating our 60th - only three of us will now be at the Academy for the late afternoon Mass to celebrate with all the alumni, but Peggy will be with us in spirit.
Do pray for her children as sudden death is such a shock!

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