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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peace to be shared

What a gift peace is! I was going through some of my books at the University and came across Macrina Wiederkehr's Seasons of Your Heart: Prayers and Reflections. Revised and Expanded Edition, Harper, 1991. It was one of my favorite books for shared prayer and I opened it to this gem that spoke to me this morning: Blessed Are the Peacemakers, You Shall Be Called Children of God.
"Then all the violence in me
cried out to the peacemakers;
But where do you get all the peace
that you share?

An old woman answered:
We give our best what we are, she said,
I have searched deeply
into the mystery of myself
for something that would last
through all the storms of life,
I have waited in faith
for a great healing
to arise within me.
I prayed that when it came
I would recognize it
welcome it home
and then give it away
For we can only keep
what we give away.

And now
this long awaited star
has risen in my heart
It's name is peace.

I found it waiting for me
deep inside
on the day I stopped looking
and started seeing.

And now, more than anything
that needs to happen
in the human heart
I long to help it see the peace
that's already there.

I am a peacemaker
I make peace by showing you my star
and leading you to see
the space for God you are."

Everyone of us is a space for God; everyone of us has God dwelling in the deepest center of our being; we are all called to be peacemakers. How am I a peacemaker in the little things of each day? What can I do to spread peace today?

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