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Monday, June 16, 2008

Opportunity for anyone in any part of the world

Someone told me that I should post the following here as we are really looking for new students for September to be found this month so we can close the September online course in New Testament Spirituality and the Early Fathers of the Church. If any of my readers are interested or know of someone interested, please let me know soon. It is a great program and only $300 a course.

Coordinator: Dr. Helen Rosenthal, R.S.C.J. - St. Thomas University

This International Online Certificate Program consists of four courses covering the history of Christian Spirituality. Through these courses you will be introduced to the rich experience of how others have sought and found God.

Each course is twelve weeks and the courses begin the second week of September and the second week of January. Each course has six Units of two weeks. The first week is mostly reading primary works; the second week involves online participation with a collaborative learning exercise. There are no tests but a required summary at the end of each Unit shows what you have learned from your reading and participation.

You have the flexibility to work online anytime 24 hours a day!

A Certificate in Spirituality Studies will enable you to:

* Discuss the development of the history of Christian Spirituality
* Know important writers of each period through reading spiritual classics
* Converse on the changes in Christianity with reference to the historical background and culture of each period
* Articulate your own spirituality and find resources that help you continue your spiritual growth
* Work collaboratively with others online, sharing & exchanging ideas

Why Online Spirituality Studies?

Through this online program you will discover the richness of sharing thoughts and ideas about spirituality with others from different parts of the country and world. You will form friendships with people from all over, receive a University Certificate in Spirituality Studies, and be able to do your online work at any hour of the day or night in the comfort of your own home or during your lunch break at the office.

Space is limited, so register early by contacting us now. Each course is $300 with a first-time registration fee of $30.

For more information, contact Dr. Rosenthal at

To register as a new student, contact Cary Trujillo at as soon as possible. On September 8th the Program begins again!

The four courses in the Online Certificate Program are:

SC 510: Spirituality of the New Testament & Early Church Fathers
This course explores the spirituality of the New Testament and the growth of the early church, the theology of martyrdom, and the writings of the early Fathers of the Church.
Syllabus: The six Units are:
1. Overview and the Four Gospels
2. Acts of the Apostles & Selected Letters
3. Martyrs
4. Early Church Fathers
5. Desert Fathers & Mothers
6. St. Augustine

SC 511: Monks, Mendicants, Mystics
This course studies the development of monasticism, the rise of the Mendicant Orders, the writings of some of the medieval mystics, and the beginnings of lay spirituality.

Syllabus: The six Units are:
1. The Growth, Spread, & Influence of Monasticism in the Middle Ages
2. Mystical Monks
3. Contemplative Prayer
4. Mendicants & Mystics
5. More Mystics
6. The End of the Middle Ages

SC 512: Spanish Mystics and Modern Spirituality

This course studies different schools of spirituality, the influence of culture and tradition on modern spirituality, Native American, Black and Hispanic spiritualities.

Syllabus: The six Units are:
1. Reformation & Counter-Reformation – St. Ignatius
2. Teresa of Avila, Mystic & Doctor of the Church
3. St. John of the Cross
4. French School and Mystics
5. More Spiritualities, Devotions & Practices
6. “American” Spirituality

SC 513: Contemporary Spirituality

This course gives special emphasis to the reading of American contemporary spiritual writers and the spiritual questions of the twenty-first century.

Syllabus: The six Units are:
1. Social Gospel Writers and Preachers
2. Contemporary Spiritual Classics
3. New Spiritualities Emerging in the 20th Century
4. The Union of Spirituality & Psychology
5. Popular Contemporary Spiritual Writers
6. Current Spirituality

Background Reading
for all courses:

Holt, Bradley P. Thirsty for God. Augsburg Press, Revised Edition or 1993 edition.
Kung, Hans. The Catholic Church: A Short History. Random House, 2001.
Egan, Harvey, S.J. An Anthology of Christian Mysticism. Liturgical Press, 1991.

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