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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

An Empty Boat but full of Gratitude

This is a peaceful scene and I love the empty boat. In a sense, we should all be empty boats and stay peaceful. I remember reading the story about how if you are in the water and your boat is nudged or struck by another boat that is empty, you think nothing of it but just shove it away and continue on your path. However, if someone is in the other boat, your reaction may be and almost certainly will be different! You will at least want to call out in anger, blame the other, etc., so maybe we should just be an empty boat and navigate peacefully through the sea of life. It is not easy to be an empty boat - but worth a try.
In a little book on prayer by Phyllis Zagano (coceived as a personal letter to her godchild) there is a great description of a holy person. "She lives where she is. Not where she has been or where she will be, or even where she might like to be. She is present, absolutely present, where and when she is where she is. That means she focuses her entire attention on those with whom she speaks. Her mind is not listening for the doorbell or thinking about dinner. That absolute attention goes to you, or to me, or to God. I think she is contantly grateful for what God brings her, no matter who or what, and I have a sense about her that she might have a special private line into the heavenly choirs. So convinced is she of God's action in the world and in individuals' live, she is always saying "thank you.'"
We should always thank God for everything as all is part of his love and care for us!
We might ask God today to give us the grace to be both an empty boat and full of gratitude!

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