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Monday, June 23, 2008

Today I am again sharing from John Main's Essential Writings. He says the "The reality of God is like a sea. Isolated from reality, we are like people standing on the shore. Some sit, like King Canute, ordering the tide to turn back. Others gaze romantically at its beauty and vastness from a safe distance. But we are called to be baptized, to be plunged into it, to allow its all-powerful tide to direct our lives. To do this we have to leave our familiar dry shore and travel to the further shore of our origin."
We must plunge in and let the waves carry us! Main talks about the "current of the Spirit that leads us to a place unknown to us, where we know ourselves in him, in his eternal now."
Main also tells us that the greatest difficulty is "to begin, to take the first step, to launch out into the depth of the reality of God as revealed in Christ." Leaving the shore is the first great challenge.
Since the ocean is one of the greatest symbols of God for me, and of His infinite love, I do not want to stay on the shore. My prayer is then for the courage to launch out into the deep and then let the current carry me into the depths of God.
I hope many will also have the desire to leave the comfort and safety of the shore and plunge into an ocean of love in prayer. Remember, the essence of prayer is God and what God does and God just wants us to allow God to love us. Again, it comes down to trust. If we really trust God, we plunge in and allow the current to carry us.

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