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Sunday, November 8, 2009

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - The Widow's Mite

Today's Gospel (Mark 12:38-44) has Jesus sitting opposite the treasury and observing how the crowd put money into the treasury. He says nothing but observes. He sees the rich people putting in large sums; he sees the widow putting in two small coins worth a few cents. Then, he calls his disciples to himself and said to them, "Amen, I say to you, this poor widow put in more than all the other contributors to the treasury. For they have all contributed from their surplus wealth, but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had, her whole livelihood."
What does this mean for me?

After reading the hymn given in Magnificat for the evening prayer, I thought it worth copying here for you:
Where Temple offerings are made,
And knowing he must die,
Our Master, resting in the shade,
Watches the world go by.

Some offer silver, others gold,
Some what they can afford;
Some give,k in order to withhold,
And some to gain reward.

A widow passing by, who scarce
Can scrape enough to live,
She finds two pennies in her purse,
Gives all that she can give.

How deeply moved is he by this,
He leaves us in no doubt;
And he himself will die for us
Before the week is out.

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