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Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Week

Our air-conditioning unit for our house broke down again last Friday. Because of the hurricane in the Gulf, we have been having some breeze. We are concerned about New Orleans and the gulf coast; I think it is to hit sometime tonight or even tomorrow. It is true that the hurricane season lasts until December 1, but one begins to relax once we are into November. This has been a good year for Miami and we are grateful, but I hope this present hurricane will not do damage to anyone.
Reflecting on hurricanes makes me think how little we can control them. We all have some minor, inner hurricanes at one time or another, at least it seems to me going by my own experience. They just blow up into a storm; sometimes we are aware of the gathering forces that are swirling around in us. We seem to have no way of stopping them and suddenly they are full-blown hurricanes ready to do great damage to others. We need to cry out to the Lord for only He can help us when we feel rocked by the storm inside. I am usually a very calm, peaceful person, but find that unexpected forces still spring up and can easily lead to an inner hurricane without the help of God who has the power to say, "Peace, be still!" Then calm returns.

This is not what I intended to reflect on today. I was praying over the water that flowed from the temple and became a river and made the trees give fresh fruit each month... well, maybe I needed to calm an inner hurricane before beginning a busy week.

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