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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reflections on my visit to St. Louis

It is a week since I left St. Louis and its autumnal beauty. The trees were so colorful and I loved just driving around looking at the reds, yellow, and orange leaves as they still clung to the trees. I had forgotten how beautiful this season is in St. Louis. Actually, it was rather misty most days but that was nice, too, as it kept me from being cold. I had my Scottish sweater with me and it was perfect and I never used the gloves I had searched for when packing in Miami!
My week was something of a pilgrimage. It began at St. Charles with prayer in the shrine where St. Philippine Duchesne is buried; then I made a visit to the little room where she lived the last ten years of her life after returning from the Indian mission. Since I went to school at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, I enjoyed just drinking in the wonderful spirit that permeates the whole atmosphere.
Then, of course, I was off to see one of my childhood friends who has always been a good and close friend. She lost her husband in April and this was the first time I had to visit with her. She is a lovely person and coping better than I thought and we still laugh a great deal together. We met three times for visits while I was in St. Louis; I also saw other dear friends and just driving around my hometown brought back many memories. One day I visited the new Provincial Offices, St. Louis University; went to Mass at the New Cathedral (something I did daily while studying for my doctorate), and visited the Society of the Sacred Heart United States' Archives. I found many letters that I had written from Chile in my file there. I also was invited to the area meeting on Sunday and so was able to see most of the rscjs that live in the area. I stayed in a very welcoming community that is almost like a second home since I have been visiting and staying there for the past 23 years! Amazing to think that I have now been 23 years in Miami and am still working at St. Thomas University!!


Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

It was so lovely to have you! I'm glad that you enjoyed your time here!

Love to you!

Helen said...

I loved being there and enjoyed all the time with your community. I am signed up for July 7-11 so hope to see you then. Love and prayer, Helen