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Friday, November 20, 2009

Christ the King is the end of the liturgical year

This Sunday, we will be celebrating the Feast of Christ the King. It used to be at the end of October and now is the last Sunday of the Liturgical year and the Sunday before Advent. Advent begins a new liturgical year and I love the sense of beginning anew to wait for the birth of Jesus in our hearts and in our world. I have a new Journal ready to begin the new liturgical year. Today, though, I am thinking of the Kingship of Christ; he came to establish a kingdom, but not in this world. He came to us poor, needy as any tiny baby is needy, and like us in all except sin. He lived a humble life and has given us an example. Let us prepare for Sunday by letting him reign in our hearts!
Now, an important announcement. Do not buy the book I thought had on Mother Stuart. I ordered three copies of the Life and Letters of Janet Erskine Stuart and they came at once, but they are not about her and not the book that I thought it was going to be and so I am sending all three copies back today! I cannot understand how they can use the same title and have nothing about Mother Stuart. I hope none of you ordered the book. I will not ever mention a book again that I have not had in my hands, but this is one of my favorite books and has been out of print so when someone told me about it, I not only ordered it, but was delighted to tell others.

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