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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clearing Out

This picture is from Scotland and speaks to me of living water. I have just heard that I need to vacate my office before the holidays and so that means getting rid of a wall of certificates, a wall of books, four file cabinets, and many other keepsakes that have been given to me over the years. I knew we were going to be short of space and so said last year that I would not really need to keep my office, but I thought I had until March. Now it means that I must get rid of everything as I really cannot take anything home as I have no room to put anything!! My bedroom is overflowing with books and there is no place to put them in my community. I could use some prayer right now to help me get rid of everything. Twenty-three years is a long time and I have accumulated many things!! I know I will feel good once I am rid of everything, but I am feeling exhausted just thinking about the amount of stuff I have even in my desk drawers! I can help others clear out, but find my own things difficult to just pitch.

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