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Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls' Day

This is a picture of the cemetery at Grand Coteau on our convent grounds; it is where I wish to be buried if I did in Miami. I could be cremated and the ashes taken there and buried with many RSCJs who have died before me. This is the Feast to think of all those who have died before us, but especially those who are not yet in heaven rejoicing with God for all eternity.

My thoughts this morning are again from Rossetti's book When the Lion Roars; the fourth chapter talks about the mystical journey as a "life that focuses on being, rather than on doing. Mystics are friends of God. This is a source of joy for us. Rossetti, after quoting Jesus who calls us friends and says that he has chosen us, tells us that God himself finds joy in us!

He also says: "All friendship includes some degree of self-revelation or the friendship cannot grow. God continues to reveal himself to us; he calls us friends. We must learn to do the same." After speaking about the transparency we are called to have with God, Rossetti ends the chapter with these lines that I just want to say a big AMEN to: "Our greatest gift and our everlasting joy is our friendship with God."

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