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Friday, November 6, 2009

Just As You Are

Just As You Are is a another book by Raul Coutinho, S.J. The subtitle is "Opening your life to the Infinite Love of God". Paul also wrote How Big Is Your God and I know I have quoted from that in the past. His new book depicts how being in love with the Divine is God's gift and is always available to anyone who is looking for it. He speaks of God as the Divine seducer who never gives up; God wants us to live in union with him and seduces us. However, falling in love demands our cooperation, too. Paul Coutinho says that "If you want it, you'll find it. In fact, love will find you."
His Chapters are quite short so I am in the third part of the book tititled "Being in love with God" and Chapter 25, "Make Gratitude Your Personal Attitude:.
More on that tomorrow! I will now add this new book to the list of Spiritual Reading that is so full of good books that I hope all of us make time for good reading!

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