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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Philippine's spirit is still at St. Charles

Many will be visiting the Academy of the Sacred Heart today for the Feast of Saint Philippine Duchesne. I love the little shrine which was her resting place for so long and where some of us went every evening after supper to pray and then close up the shrine. There were amber and green vigil lights on her tomb which was a marble slab in the middle of the floor; it was so easy to pray there in the flickering light of the almost finished vigil lights. I was only thirteen when we started going out each night with one of the nuns to pray there, but it is easy for me to still remember how much I felt loved by Mother Duchesne. I did not know much about her life then but knew that she loved children and we felt her love there.
Happy Feast to all my readers today! For more information about Philippine go to:

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