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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A breath of compassion...

We used this prayer adapted from "Prayer of the Cosmos" in community this week and I liked it enough to copy it here: (Sorry but no image today as I could not open it)

Jesus said: from the deepest part of yourself, let love be born from the rays of the One that shines around you...
Let this come from your whole heart-
The center of your life; your passion, courage and audacity-
And touch your whole subconscious self- that instinctive soul within...
From this self liberate your whole energy and life force to flood your entire mind with love.
This is the most important command- the first creative movement that empowers all others. The second is like it: Draw a breath of compassion for the one mysteriously drawn to live near you; love them as you love the self that dwells within.

The last lines fascinate me.

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