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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Make Gratitude Your Personal Attitude

I love the name of the title of the 25th Chapter in Paul Coutinho's Just as You Are: Make Gratitude Your Personal Attitude. I also like the entire chapter, but will just give a few excerpts here:
"When gratitude becomes our way of life and our inner attitude, then we will always look for something to be grateful for. And so for those who are in love with God and are grateful, bad things can never happen to them. They will see the gift in negative things that happen, and this experience will bring out the best in them. They are able to realize the more real things in life and see life for what it really is and not the passing illusions that cause so much suffering and take away our joys and happiness. When we focus with grateful hearts on the positive things in life, we find that these parts of our lives keep growing, and then we have more and more things to be grateful for."
I am still trying to live this and think the key phrase here is "for those who are in love with God and are grateful".
Paul also says: "Gratitude at its core is an awareness of gifts and the presence of God. When gratitude becomes our way of life, then we will be praying all the time and always will be happy. This is good for our spiritual, our psychological, and even our physical lives. And with gratitude as our personal attitude, we will be in union with the Divine every moment of our waking and sleeping hours."

Let us be grateful today for everything God sends us for all is gift!

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