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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

This is dawn, the beginning of a new day. The other is sunset, the beginning of the end of the day. Actually, dawn is the bottom picture as I posted it first and the sunset is on top. Both are so common in our daily lives that we do not stop to reflect on them, but are often caught up in the beauty of the first streaks of light crossing the sky as we wake up or the gorgeous color of the sky in the evening. What really matters is what we are doing in between these scenes. Has my day been one of love? Have I reflected joy so that others are uplifted? Have I shown my gratitude to each who surround me with such love and service? I guess it is time for me to thank for the days that do reflect the beauty of God's sunrises and sunsets and hope that I am also creating some soul beauty by my actions between sunrise and sunset.

Today is a delightful Saturday and I am going to enjoy it fully as I prepare to give thanks to Christ, the King of my heart, and end this Liturgical year's Sundays tomorrow and prepare for Advent.

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