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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First Day of Summer

I think I need to find time to go to the ocean and find someone to go with as I think my days are too busy doing things around the house. I am reading a bit and trying to go swimming; it rained this afternoon and I did not get home from grocery shopping to eat lunch until 2:30 so I am not yet ready to cook dinner.
I spent the morning prayer with a sense of wonder. I think that when we put ourselves in the presence of God we are first filled with wonder. Then comes reverence and praise and even joy. I am going to quote from John O'Donohue's Eternal Echoes again: (these are my notes/quotes from p. 198 forward in book)

Prayer is the art of presence...The sense of wonder is one of the key sources of prayer. Wonder at the adventure of being here is one of the special qualities of humans.
Plato said, "All thoughts begin in wonder."
Sometimes..."profound wonder can only be expressed in silence.
Wonder is the child of mystery. It calls your heart to thanks and praise.
Wonder enlarges the heart. When you wonder, you are drawn out of yourself.
Wonder, as the child of mystery, is a natural source of prayer...

That is enough for today but I will copy a few more quotes from my journal for tomorrow's blog. Now for a treat to see some of the pictures my nephew took when he was here of my birthday party, Key West and the Everglades especially go to: or just copy and paste this one and I think you will see the photos.

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