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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a wonder is the Incarnation!

I am aware that tomorrow is the Feast of the Holy Trinity and I was praying over the Incarnation this morning using Savary's book on "The New Spiritual Exercises" and I was really in awe and wonder because God loved us so much that He wanted to be like us in all things except sin. Now, I usually think of the Blessed Trinity having decided that the time had come for the Word to be made flesh; that is such an awesome mystery that I really never thought about what it meant to be conceived in the womb of Mary and be formed there as a human; Savary takes one through the whole cycle of growth from conception. How humble of God to be born so tiny, so helpless in the womb of Mary. Anyway, these were my thoughts this morning and I still feel full of awe at the humility of God. God so loved the someone has said, the Incarnation was the second "Big Bang"!
Happy week end!

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