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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rivers, streams, any body of water has such beauty

I am seeing my life journey as a flowing river due to reading John O'Donohue. I think it fascinating to know that we keep flowing and need to let the water find its path. I think of the Grand Canyon and the strength of the Colorado river to cut its path through rock. A river just keeps rolling along; we are to be consciously aware of this flow in our own lives and let God direct the path our river takes. Sometimes my river seems to be so peaceful, almost at rest as it passes through beautiful scenery; at other times I am turbulent and tossing as I twist and turn down my river bed; I even change colors according to my mood and the sun and the moon. Life is a mystery and I am immersed in it.

I hope you are also looking at the blogs I have on the right side of my blog; the Concord Pastor has wonderful commentaries on the Sunday reading if you just click on the Bible. Today I found in another list of great spiritual books that you may also want to check out for summer reading. Go to:"Random Musings from a Doctor's Chair to find this list of spiritual books.

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