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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

God always is acting in my life, but not always according to my plans...

This is a picture of the way I think I would like to spend my vacation; at least some days on the beach, but this is romantic and does not fit my daily life which is full of humdrum things that need to be done, like emptying trash, dusting, sorting papers(this is the hardest for me as I stop to read everything and then end up with a pile to be filed) - the point is that God is with me in all these daily tasks and this is the way He plans the day and so I find joy in realizing that I am pleasing Him even if it means just cleaning up the kitchen. Now, I had better get busy and do some of the above but will close with a spiritual reflection from my morning prayer: It is the action of the Spirit that transforms us and I need to remember that I can do nothing by myself but all things in Him who strengthens me! Joy comes from doing what God wants and deciding it is what I want, too.
Here is an inspiring quote from St. Madeleine Sophie:
If it were necessary to go to the ends of the earth to gain a soul for God, I would not hesitate before any sacrifice. One soul saved is worth more than our lives."

"Jesus said that if you wish to be happy, come and follow me, and he who follows me will be truly free." Quote from the new Archbishop elect of Milan.

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