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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Living Water

I know that I have used this picture in other blogs but it is one that immediately makes me think of the love and grace pouring forth from the Heart of Christ; God is love; He created us and everything in the universe is His, yet He keeps us in existence and loves us in spite of our lack of gratitude and awareness of His Presence in our lives. I was thinking this morning of the gift of solitude; how terrible never to have time to just be alone in silence.
I talked to a mother this morning who is looking for someone who could live in her home five and a half days a week and help with three small children. When I was small we had a wonderful woman who lived with us to help my mother. She returned when my brother George was born but soon the war had her leaving us to work in a factory. Then I remember that we had a laundress named Viola and a yard man, Tom, who also could put on a white coat and serve when my parents were giving a party; it was hard to get anyone full-time as a maid during the war but Tom would scrub the floors in all the bathrooms and the kitchen. When I went to boarding school, my mother found someone to come watch my brothers for a few hours after school so she could cook dinner in peace. I cannot imagine how so many manage with several small children that need to be watched. I remember making a marriage encounter week end with one of our Religious from Korea and hearing some young mothers express their frustration in trying to have the house in order, the children clean and quiet and dinner ready when the husbands arrived home. Older married women gave good advice, but I do not ever remember my mother showing any frustration; maybe because my Dad was easy-going and happy to be home with us and my mother always had a huge glass of ice-tea ready for him.
Why all of this today? I guess I am thinking of how to find someone to help this family in need and it took me back through the years. I also remember that my great-uncle Jim faithfully came every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to entertain us and stay for dinner. He took us for walks, fixed out toys, and stayed with us while my mother cooked dinner. He was a wonderful great-uncle and I am grateful for his presence in my life.

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