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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flowing Water

As I prepare for the Feast of the Sacred Heart this Friday, my imagination is filled with the image of water flowing from the side of Christ only I seem to be seeing this water in images in nature. I was looking over retreat notes from 1987 and I found a poem that I wrote on living water. (I thiik I must have thrown it away as now I cannot find it!)
St. Madeleine Sophie wrote about the first days of the founding of the Society when they "sighed for solitude and freedom from all tasks...but had to sacrifice this attraction that must not have been God's will..."
She wrote also:
"What shall be our spirit? With one voice we all said, "Generosity! A strong and generous love for Jesus Christ, that is what we felt must be the character of the spouses of His Heart. Consequently we agreed to banish from among us all the pettiness of convent life, the tricks of self-love, the sensitiveness, the antipathies which are the faults of the half-hearted and divided souls."

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