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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sometimes I think a picture to reflect on says more than words...

As you know, I like to lose myself in beautiful scenes from nature. Sometimes I close my eyes and immediately can see the pacific ocean off the shore of Santa Cruz where I have made so many retreats. Just recalling the picture brings a sense of peace and a spiritual joy. I find that I have a great imagination and so I am often looking at a picture and imagining myself with Jesus at my side.
I am trying to clear out my room as much as possible. This is my work for today. I can clear out clutter better when it is someone else's clutter; I procrastinate when trying to get rid of pictures and papers that I know I no longer need. Pray that I keep throwing out today!
In the mail yesterday I was sent a profession ring from our archives after having lost mine over two months ago. I am happy to have this ring on my finger, a sign of my profession in the Society of the Sacred Heart, but even more a sign that I am a spouse of the Heart of Jesus. I also have found out that this ring belonged to a religious that I lived with and went on trips with and loved very much. That makes it mean even more to me.
It is much thicker than the one I had in Chile but I am grateful to be wearing it.

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