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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pentecost Monday

After the prayer yesterday evening with the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the Miami area, we drew the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. I drew Counsel and Joy and find those make me feel happy and I will try to deepen both during this year. I think being faithful to the Holy Spirit's inspirations thoughout the day is a very good was to be joyful and spread joy. It is when I am not listening to the Spirit that I lose some of the peace and joy that usually is felt interiorly and, I hope, expressed exteriorly.
I have something to do, or even several things to get done, each day of this week. School is out and I am sure that is an adjustment for mothers as well as a joy for most children. Miami is feeling the loss of our basketball team last night. All these things have an effect on me as we are all so interconnected. We also are still fighting a large fire west of us, but nothing like the fight to save homes in eastern Arizona. We need rain badly; there was some yesterday north of us with lots of huge hailstones and even ice on the ground. This is only a half hour from us!

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