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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Holy Trinity

Yesterday the pastor began his homily for the Feast of the Holy Trinity by telling us about a young boy who was being confirmed. The Bishop asked him if he was aware of who the Holy Spirit was. The boy quickly replied that the Holy Spirit was the third person in the Blessed Trinity; there were three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bishop, being slightly deaf, did not catch all of this and leaned over to whisper saying, "I don't understand you" - at which the boy exclaimed: "You are not supposed to understand; it is a mystery."
Well, at least I took something from that homily! The point is that we are blessed with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and can only adore, thank and be filled with delight.
I read the following in John O'Donohue's "Eternal Echoes" this morning and want to share it with you.
"There is a subtle rhythm to joy. Until you break forth to embrace it, you will never know its power and delight. Every day of your life joy is waiting for you, hidden at the heart of the significant things that happen to you or secretly around the corner of the quieter things. If your heart loves delight, you will always be able to discover the quiet joy that awaits to shine forth in many situations. Prayer should help us to develop the habit of delight....It should arise from and bring us to humour, laughter, and joy." (p.186)

I copied this in my journal as we so often forget that joy is always waiting for us and that prayer should help us to develop the habit of delight!!

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