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Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing what The Society of the Sacred Heart did in Canada

Canadian History of the Society of the Sacred Heart continued:

This is taken from Mother Callan’s The Society of the Sacred Heart in North America:
“One of the works by which the Society of the Sacred Heart has contributed a large measure of usefulness to the Catholics of the Sault-au-Recollet is the school of Sainte Sophie, which was for twenty years a parish boarding, as well as, day school.” A residence was remodeled and christened in honor of Mother Barat’s patron saint, since it was to the generosity of the Superior General that the parish owed this institution. Soon it had one hundred pupils and, in 1864, an addition was constructed with a chapel, dormitory, and other space necessary for a boarding school. After 1883 it functioned only as a parish day school.

I hope everyone had a good Feast of St. Philippine yesterday; it was nice to spend a quiet Sunday and I did write a short dialog with her this morning that I found helpful.


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