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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sacred Heart Students in Canada

This seems to be a picture of the blue ribbons at Sault-de-Recollet in the 19th century. I suspect that the Religious is the Mistress General surrounded by the leaders of the school. It was an old Sacred Heart school tradition to have ribbons that showed good conduct in the primary school where those who had their "Very Good" or "Tres Bien" each week at the general assembly when the superior presented the cards (some might get only "Good" or "Bien" and, very seldom for something really bad, a "Assez bien" might be given - to be "just good enough" was a disgrace. I think there was still the possiblility of "No Notes" but that must have been after a scandalous week of bad conduct and I do not think it was ever given while I was in school.) After the pink ribbons, it was possible to have a green ribbon and then, for the last two years, a blue ribbon; these were given numbered according to both the votes of the Religious and the students for those who not only were outstanding in good conduct but also showed leadership and helped all to keep the school rule.

I had such a wonderful week end in Vero Beach that I am so grateful - it is always good to see friends and we had such a delightful time with the couple who used to live next to my sister in St. Louis and now have a lovely condo on the ocean. They took us to lunch at the Ocean Grill; it is a great place right on the ocean with marvelous food. I had read about this place in a couple of books and so it was really very interesting to see it. The we were invited for a delicious dessert at their beautiful condo. It was just a delightful day and ended with a visit to the art museum to see Norman Rockwell's art in progress (they had the photographs that he worked from along side of the finished picture and most of them were cover pictures from the Saturday Evening Post and brought back childhood memories. Mass and dinner followed and the a wonderful sleep. We had breakfast at a little place on the beach and strolled the boardwalk in a strong wind. I drove home in that wind for the first hours but it was a beautiful Sunday in Miami.

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