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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Fall Scene in Canada

If I am boring you with the history of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Canada, please let me know. It just is so interesting to me that I think all will be as fascinated as I am to read about our early foundations there. Our next site is in the parish of the Sault-au-Recollet. As early as 1845, the pastor, the Abbe Jacques-Janvier Vinet had invited the Religious of the Sacred Heart to come but each time he wanted to give them the land the trustees raised obstacles. Finally, the Jesuits were able to have the land and began the first Canadian novitiate near Montreal. In 1855, Father Vinet acquired possession of two estates situated on the river and at once offered them to the Religious of the Sacred Heart. During the winter of 1857-58 the moving began and was made easy as the river was frozen solid, which made it easy for the carriages, wagons, and sleds used to transport their belongings.
 Mother Trincano arrived from New York and by midsummer the new and magnificent monastic edifice was ready. Soon the boarding school opened with eighty students. There were more than three hundred involved in the sodalities of St. Anne and the Consolers of Mary. For several years the Society of the Sacred Heart also had both a parish boarding school as well as the day school. After 1883 this school named "Sainte Sophie" functioned only as a parish day school.
In 1864 the Canadian novitiate was organized at Sault with the first four coming from Manhattanville; they were soon joined by eight more and strong vocations were developed here. It was in 1864 that Mother Trincano was named Superior Vicar of the Canadian houses.

I am driving to Vero Beach to see some friends this week end and so will not be writing my blog for a couple of days.

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Blessed by God - the Best of all Worlds said...

Isn't it interesting we started in a way as a joint Province and are now returning to be one. Such is the unity of the Society.