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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feast of All Saints 2012

This picture bothers me in the sense that I feel that all the saints will be somehow enjoying themselves in the Trinity and it is the risen Christ they are with in bliss.
Having said that, it is marvelous to imagine what eternity will be and, I suppose, it is also a waste of time as it will be so much more than anything I could dream up in my finite imagination. I know that I will be happy with God and will be satisfied at last and caught up in love and loving and all my family and friends will also be part of this eternal happiness.
In the meantime, we pray to the saints to intercede for us. I am concerned about all those who are suffering the effects of the storm. When we have a hurricane in Miami, the lack of power is very uncomfortable as we cannot use the stove, coffee lovers are especially stressed out in the mornings, we cannot use any machines in our house, there is no hot water, (sometimes no water or no drinkable water), no light to read by, etc. but the worst has been the heat as Miami is really hot! Now, people are without power up north and I suspect they suffer most from the cold. I am praying for all and know that it will take weeks and months to try to get back to normal. May all the saints help them during this time of suffering.

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