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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feast of Christ the King is tomorrow

I just want us all to remember that the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year is the Feast of Christ the King. This year, it seems to be warning me that I need to prepare for Advent. Christmas seems to come so fast and we do not have time to prepare - just as we make so many material preparations, we need to do quite a bit of internal preparation which may include house-cleaning, decluttering, longing, desire, and some internal practice to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus again this Christmas. Of course, Jesus is with me; I receive Him in Holy Communion every day, but still His coming at Christmas is special and the Church gives us the four weeks of Advent to prepare to celebrate the feast of His Incarnation into our world, into our hearts, and we are also preparing for His final coming to unite us with Him for all eternity.
In the meantime, we have the Feast of Christ the King. What does that really mean for me? I think, if you look at the Preface for the Mass, you will understand the theology behind the Feast.I will copy it here tomorrow as I do not have my Mass book with me. I just wanted to alert all to tomorrow's feast.
We are called to realize that Jesus is Lord of all and we are to aid Him in establishing the Kingdom, the reign of God on earth.

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