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Thursday, May 22, 2014


We continue to sing "Alleluia" and the lighted Paschal candle reminds us of the Presence of Jesus during these forty days after Easter. Jesus went around consoling His friends and still is doing the same. We need to have eyes to see and ears to hear all the ways He comes to us each day.

Sometimes it is an effort for me to get to daily Mass, but once there I know that this is the place for me to be. I know that I do not need to be there to find Jesus, but participating in the Mass and being able to receive Jesus in Communion is very special and a gift. I go to noon Mass during the week and three times it is straight from the gym to Mass. The parking lot is almost full by noon for the 12:05 Mass. I am amazed that usually over two hundred people come- some are on their lunch hour, others are between classes as the Church is across the street from the University of Miami. It is interesting to see the mix of people who come and I am happy to be part of this congregation: some in business suits, some in shorts, some with canes, a wheel chair, some with young children, etc.
I suspect the world is a better place because we are all there at this Liturgy together.
Yesterday I was at Mass with the Carrollton faculty and students who really fill the Parish Church. This was the last Mass of the school year for all and one of my students from St. Thomas University who has taught there for the past six years spoke to the school during the Mass - a vocation talk.

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