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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stay with us, Lord...

I keep going back to this apparition of Jesus to the two disciples on Easter Sunday because I think it is one that models for us the way Jesus often comes to us, walks with us, and even accepts our invitation to dine, yet we do not really recognize Him. We need to ask Him to stay with us, to pray with us, and to walk with us in our daily lives.

This Sunday's Gospel is again the story of the two disciples of Emmaus. They might easily have been a husband and wife. The point is they were  conversing about all that had happened in Jerusalem and they had left discouraged and very downcast because they had their hopes in Jesus ended with the terrible death of Jesus on the cross. They even knew about the empty tomb and the announcement of the angel that Jesus was alive, but they could not believe this and so had come away sad. Jesus said to them, "Oh how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe ....!  Does Jesus sometimes need to say the same to me?

I hope I ask Him to stay with me and then recognize Him.

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