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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Waiting for Inspiration

Sometimes when I sit here and ask the Holy Spirit what to say I just do not hear anything so I need to look at a picture and wait for inspiration. Water and mountains are helpful. I remember a day in Coquimbo, the poorest region in Chile, when I walked down to the beach and had a delightful time just swimming and contemplating the gorgeous scene. We lived up in a poor section but could walk out to the other side of the Church and see the ocean. I could also walk some blocks the other way and up a hill and find myself in the dessert.
 The best spot was the beach and now I wonder why I did not make more time to have a quiet day there. I live in Miami and never get to the ocean! Crazy, but true. However, I have learned to take time to just sit and contemplate the beauty around me and it is a way to prepare for the coming of Jesus. He is always with me, but I am so distracted and busy about so many things that I need to stop and be still to welcome Him into the depths of my heart or, better still, to find myself in the depths of His Heart.

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