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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unexpected Gift

I am waiting for the man to come and fix our computer so I am having the unexpected gift of a day alone at home!! I shall make a big pot of soup and I have cleaned the kitchen and sorted out all our containers for left overs as we have so many tops that do not seem to match anything. Hurricane season begins next Sunday, along with the feast of the Ascension and we need to begin our preparations. We have had such good summers for so many years that we forget what can happen if a hurricane does come our way.
Today I want to share with you one of my favorite quotes from our formation booklet on Interior Life. It begins by reminding us that the "spirit of the Society is essentially founded on prayer and the interior life." (Constitutions 17)
Interior Life is "a source of fruitfulness, joy and vitality for us. It is the place where the human and the divine come together, the place of our encounter with the risen Christ, to which we bring our joys and sorrows and from which we draw strength to pronounce our "yes".
Our incarnational spirituality flows from our deep relationship with Jesus. We see the link between this experience of Jesus and our own way of living and growing in relationship with others. Our contemplative life is what helps us to discover God's love in the wounds of the world. We need to be transformed so that we may glimpse the face of Christ in the faces of the poor and in one another."

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