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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chilean Beach

Re-living memories must be a good part of old age!
Another memory of the beach near the retreat house we, the Society of the Sacred Heart, administered for Cardinal Silva and where I not only gave retreats but also worked one summer as the driver. This meant going to all the farms to buy produce to feed the many persons that came to the retreat house. The man who went with me had not yet obtained his license to be able to drive, but he was the one that backed the car over a two plank bridge one day. I was afraid to even try it as the planks were just wide enough for a wheel. I really prayed then and, as always, the Heart of Jesus hears us when we put our trust in Him. I had driven over the planks to get to the island with the food but there was no way I could back out and no room to turn around. Maybe not one of my best memories but one that is still so powerful that it takes me back in an instant to the whole terrifying time as I watched the car being backed out on those little planks.

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