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Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Week End and the Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie makes these three days special. We are now in the week before the Ascension; here we now celebrate this Feast on Sunday but we have the last week in May to think of how those forty days after Easter were for the Apostles. Jesus was still showing Himself in His glorified body so that they could see He was truly risen and continued to show His love and concern for others. I am reminded of the Bishop in Coquimbo who went around visiting to give joy to all during this time after Easter. He would just drop in and stay for tea and show interest in whatever we were doing. He lived in another city but tried to visit all the religious communities and other groups during these forty days. Would that more pastors tried to do the same!

Now, I have been thinking more about our formation booklet and how it calls us to really live an incarnated spirituality. At the same time, I was reading something from the Jesuits that speaks of the need for silence in our souls. We need to have that interior quiet no matter how busy we are. I suspect that the biggest obstacle to our spiritual life today is the lack of interior silence. Our minds are so full of everything!

There is a new App for Centering Prayer that I started using. It is nice as you can select an opening prayer, then the chimes to begin and it times your 20 minutes for you, chimes again, and offers a closing scripture. It is free and can be on you I-phone as well as your I-pad.

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