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Monday, May 19, 2014

Thirsty for God

Some days one longs for God as the deer thirsts for water. I read the Pope's latest audience talk where he continues to explain the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Having treated the first three gifts, he spoke of fortitude. The first three gifts help us to know the will of God, but fortitude helps us to do it. We all need to patiently seek God and fortitude gives us the strength to do His will and to keep on even in the face of difficulties so we need to pray for this gift.

In the little book, "Jesus Calling"  it says: "Spending time alone with Me is essential for your well-being. It is not a luxury or an option; it is a necessity. Therefore, do not feel guilty about taking time to be with Me."

Sometimes, I need to hear that again as we get caught up in so many things to do and things that need to be done or that we think we should be doing. As the deer longs for water, my soul thirst for the Lord. Today I need a long drink!

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