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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Life unfolding...

The name of our new formation booklet is "Life unfolding....Offering the Gift Received" and it is for the entire Society of the Sacred Heart. We are always in formation. What has struck me in praying over it is the number of times the words "transformation" or "transformed" appear. Here is a sample:
"For us RSCJ, formation is a way of being open to life, a constant invitation to learn, to grow, to let ourselves be transformed."....

"We have come to realize that transformation is not the same as change. The strategies of change come from our own initiative, while transformation is always the fruit of an Encounter. It happens when we venture with our whole being into a deep, sincere encounter with God and let ourselves be encountered by God, just as we are, with nothing in our lives remaining outside of this encounter."...

"We need to be transformed so that we may glimpse the face of Christ in the faces of the poor and in one another."

I am reflecting on the moments or times of transformation in my own life!

Looking back I see so many moments of transformation. Many come in prayer, especially in retreats; others are with people or during a certain experience such as my months at the Trinita in Rome. Then I know I was transformed, but it is hard to recognize in the present moment anything I would call "transformation" but we are all being transformed each day and need faith to see it.

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