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Friday, May 30, 2014

Mary is on her way to visit Eliszabeth

This picture has nothing to do with the Visitation if you think of Mary on the journey to Elizabeth. However, tomorrow is the Feast of the Visitation and I seem to be still waiting for the computer man to come and so this picture is all that I had on my phone and it is a welcome change from the heat here in Miami and also makes one think of the hardships involved sometimes in going to visit a relative. Mary went in haste. Was she able to go with a group? She could not travel the roads alone. She must have been full of joy for her cousin who had been barren all these years, but must also have been thinking about what the angel said to her. She believed but did not really understand. However, the Holy Spirit must have filled her with both joy and new energy and off she went.
There are always others waiting for a visitation from us. Today that can be by mail or phone or e-mail to say nothing of the chat rooms, Facebook and other ways to visit. Indeed, if you are reading this blog, I feel that it is a way to visit. May Jesus be with us and may we be filled with joy tomorrow as we spend the day with Mary and Elizabeth.
As it is my birthday, we will have the Mass of the Ascension here in my community at 5:00 and I look forward to that gift.

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