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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Am I open to formation?

Our parish has asked for a day of prayer and fasting today for growth in holiness... the Pastor always writes a page in the bulletin and this time he is offering four concrete characteristics that can help us remain open to formation.
1. Humility. It is said that there are many who want to learn, but few who want to be taught....We must recognize our need to grow to learn, to be formed - and be open.

2. Docility. In its oldest form, "docility" means "teachableness; readiness or aptness to learn." Clay must be soft if it is to be formed by the hands of the artist...

3. Availability. I must make myself available to the opportunities to be formed; go, risk the experience.

4. Dedication. Once available, I must strive for growth in holiness. The most important person responsible for my formation is "me"!

I guess desire is what leads to all four of these characteristics - do I truly desire to be formed by God, by others, by circumstances? We are never too old to be formed and even transformed!

Let us look upon our continual formation as a great adventure and may we become more like Jesus who came to serve the lowly, to spread good news, to welcome all and told us over and over not to be afraid!
We have our first Reflection Group of the year tonight!

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